What Penguins Teach Us About Car Washes

What penguins can teach us about car washes

Did you know that penguins huddle in the freezing cold to stay warm? If one ventures out and stays away from the huddle too long, freezing to death follows. The Huddle is safe; in fact, the center of the huddle can be too warm. The penguins rotate in and out so none of them get too hot within the inner circle or freeze to death in the outer circle. True story!

Why are you reading this? First, many great lessons about business can be learned from nature, and penguins are cute, funny, and can outlast you in the artic. Second, the penguin huddle holds a valuable lesson for those of you who intend or already have multiple locations. The lesson is Huddle them together.

Think long-term.

If your locations or penguins are going to huddle together, make sure the huddle is in a region that can sustain them all. No sense in a plan to build 30 locations in rural Texas unless they can network out with minimal driving distance between each one to weather the storms that will come. Plus, who wants to ship parts or technicians that far?

The lone survivor is a myth.

Some of you think that this should go without saying, but the rest of you need it said. Don’t build a location away from the huddle. It will freeze to death in the cold.

Some investors, in search of the “perfect location,” make hasty moves counter to their survival. They abandon the discipline baked into their investment thesis to join a gold rush, but it’s fools’ gold.

Even if you find the “perfect location” and build, you have missed a valuable lesson.

All business enviroments are the artic. Without support from the huddle, that single location slowly dies from neglect. Corporate support, management accountability, spare parts, and brand recognition are all hundreds of miles away within the huddle.

Don’t buy into the myth. Go local by huddling up.