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How often should I clean my car wash tunnel windows?

It is easy to stop noticing tunnel build-up when you’re there every day, but customers notice. That’s one reason why industry professionals clean tunnels nightly. After all, you sell clean cars, but if your property is dirty, it makes one wonder how clean those cars really are (it’s all perception)!

Perception is a reality to customers. Your wash better be clean if you sell clean!

Each tunnel with windows should be brushed nightly with the prep brush or another brush and soap. Tunnels should then be rinsed with a garden or water hose. For windows, pull out that squeegee for the best clean. Some tunnel owners wash windows daily, every three days, or weekly. You should look at your windows to assess how dirty they are getting. Just remember that, especially during the day, customers will notice dirt, and build-up will be harder to clean over time.

For windows, consider using your lubricant prep soap, such as Topline Chemical’s Outreach Prep Soap or Zep’s Calcium, Lime and Rust Stain Rust Remover, which can be found at Lowe’s. In a pinch, use your Windex or another over-the-counter window cleaner, but remember to scrub off hard spots.



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