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Carwash vs Car Wash Google Searches

We’ve all seen it before – companies that spell car wash differently. In some cases, the company can’t figure it out themselves!

Carwash vs Car Wash impacts brand perception

So what’s the hubbub about spelling “car wash”? It comes down to your brand guide and search traffic.


It can take seven or more name views for customers to recognize your brand. Because of this, we want to help that subconscious memory by making the brand appear the same. One way to do that is through a logo and company name. If you aren’t consistent with your company brand, expect it to take more time and money to get that customer recognition.

Your company’s brand guide should lead to using the term “carwash” or “car wash.” This is because your brand guide is the end-all for your brand and is created to ensure consistency. Marketing departments or contractors usually oversee the creation and implementation of company branding. If your company doesn’t have a brand guide, we’ve included a few things to consider below when using the car wash term. And, of course, our team is always happy to help create a brand guide or consult on your branding. Click here if you’d like to talk.

Search Terms

Search terms are important because customers find you online through these terms. After looking at how people are searching for car washes, it is easy to identify some trends based on the spelling:


Industry professionals typically use the single-word spelling of carwash, including operators and B2B businesses (think chemical sales, etc.). If you work in the car wash industry, you’ll likely use this spelling because it is what you’re used to seeing.

Car Wash

This is the way most customers spell car wash. If you want to drive online traffic to your wash, consider adding a space between “car” and “wash.” This practice will help with your online keywords when customers look you up. Don’t believe us? Here’s a Google Search breakdown over the past 12 months.

Carwash vs Car Wash Google Searches

As you can see, “car wash” significantly outweighs search volume. That’s a great sign if you already use “car wash” with a space. You’re more likely in line with search trends.

No matter which spelling you choose, please remember to be consistent. That will ensure you’re easier to find, keep your listings the same across the web, and increase your brand impact.