Seasonal Ideas to Market Your Car Wash

Here’s a secret about local marketing: the smaller your trade area and customer base, the more you likely need to change your ads often. That’s because you need something fresh to keep getting customer attention.

The good news is that annual season changes offer new ways to message your audience. Before we jump into a few ideas, please remember that you need 4-6 weeks to change pay station screens, and each ad channel has its own prep time. If you decide to go with postcards or billboards, the wait for distribution could be 2-4 weeks or even longer.


If your area gets snow, you’re about to live the road salt life. This is a leading customer driver in the winter, but you have other options if you want to shake things up or reside in warmer climates.

Key dates to consider tying promotions to include Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanza, and New Year’s Eve and Day. This is a great time to sell gift cards and gift memberships. Annual plan sales can also give you a holiday bump. Just know that you’re competing with other car washes and companies, so you may not get traction if you post late.

You can also run promotions tied to the following days:

  1. President’s Day
  2. Groundhog Day
  3. Valentine’s Day
  4. Love Your Pet Day
  5. Random Acts of Kindness Day
  6. No-Brainer Day
  7. NFL Championships

If you notice winters are regularly too slow, also consider adding exterior lighting to help you stand out in darker evening hours.


If you live in Florida, welcome to love bug season. You’re going to be enjoying life all season long. For other climates, you’ll also see an end to winter hibernation. Here are some dates that may spark new ads and promotions:

  1. Employee Appreciation Day
  2. Potato Chip Day
  3. St. Patrick’s Day
  4. April Fool’s Day
  5. Easter
  6. Earth Day
  7. Kentucky Derby
  8. National Nurses Day
  9. Cinco de Mayo
  10. Armed Forces Day
  11. Memorial Day
  12. Star Wars Day
  13. Mother’s Day

The nice weather is also a chance to put out roadside signage or hold arrows to remind customers it is time to return to the wash.


Most washes see a slight summer slump, so make sure you’re ready for the Fourth of July and Father’s Day, two popular car wash weekends. If you’re in a tourist town, don’t stray away from visiting cars either. Compressed air guns are especially nice after a beach/lake day.

People have vacation and school prep on their minds, so give them something to do this summer by tying promotions to these holidays:

  1. National Donut Day
  2. National Best Friend Day
  3. Flag Day
  4. National Eat at a Food Truck Day
  5. National French Fries Day
  6. Father-In-Law Day
  7. Grandparent’s Day
  8. Back to School
  9. National Dog Appreciation Day
  10. Labor Day

Summer is also an excellent time to mix up your storefront visual by adding feather flags if your area allows them. Also, play up the kid angle because parents may want to get them out of the house for an hour or so, and kiddos love those tunnels!


Be-leaf it or not, fall is generally the slowest season, but leaves and sap are key message opportunities. Remind customers how quick it is to clean and why ceramic coating gives another layer of protection.

We included Black Friday and Cyber Monday as Winter holidays since the promotions often extend through December, but make sure those promos are prepped by the end of the summer to give you enough time to set up your collateral.

In the meantime, consider tying your promotions to these observed days:

  1. Do Something Nice Day
  2. National Pumpkin Day
  3. National Candy Corn Day
  4. Halloween (did someone say Haunted Tunnel?)
  5. Veterans Day
  6. World Kindness Day
  7. Thanksgiving
  8. National Day of Giving

Fall is a time of giving, so consider giving back to the community through park clean-ups or other service activities. Make sure you send a note of gratitude to existing customers and that you start advertising holiday hours.

By regularly changing your messaging, customers will stay engaged. You’re also more likely to draw more retail visitors too, so have fun and use this as a starting point to celebrate all year long.