Rising Car Washes: An Industry Look at What’s Working

Acquisitions are the new car wash buzzword. And with it, operators are starting to discover wash superstars. Two sales, in particular, had many circles talking: Super Star Car Wash, based in Arizona, and El Car Wash, based in Florida.

Do we know their numbers? No. Those are private, but enough people talked that it caught our eye.

As marketers, we’re always looking for trends and how washes grow their revenue. Both of these washes are uniquely strong regional brands that have solid brand awareness and loyalty. That’s because they have developed brand positioning and active marketing.

Take El, for example. It utilizes local influencers to visit the wash and post about their experience. Reaching thousands of people at a time, the brand pops with its pink and teal coloring. Team that with happy, oftentimes dancing influencers and it makes customers want to visit.

As El expands, it is also taking some lessons from Woodie’s with a Miami Heat sponsorship. As it expands through Florida, its marketing budget grows. It is sure to be a marketing powerhouse in the Florida market. Orlando is about to heat up.

What can you learn from these washes? First, that operational standards matter. Second, build a loyal following. Customer service, regular communication, and targeted messaging will take you far.

And if you want to make the most of that marketing budget, grow regionally before expanding. It makes a difference.