Car Wash Marketing Is Changing

If you’ve worked in the car wash industry for some time, you’ve likely heard the “secret” to marketing:

Target young moms and sponsor lots of local events.

Should you consider these in today’s marketing? Yes, but it’s time to take what we’ve learned and ask how can we do this better?

As private-equity-backed car washes start to dot the nation, the industry’s marketing is advancing. Data has shown that any wash offering memberships should target men and women in their 50s with an average household income of $100k or more. Raise that income to $125k, and you’re even more likely to convert a member.

Your region and market could be different, but the key is that car wash marketing is changing. Gone are the days when you could spend a few dollars here and there to gain customers.

Tools like Rinsed and OptSpot have helped many smaller wash chains grow, but as competitors start to use the same products, you will need to upgrade your game too.

One easy way is to focus on your go-to-market or new customer outreach. Many operators use tools to sell memberships to cars already at the wash but aren’t using them to market to new customers. Start your ad campaigns today for a leg up on your competition.

Pro Tip: as always, please establish and maintain high standards at the site level or you’ll be the marketing hose will pour into a leaky bucket. “Pouring money down the drain” is a saying for a reason.