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Having a text messaging system is great, but you still need new customers to find it. We’re here to pull more of that street traffic into your wash.

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Learn trusted sales tips to improve sales at your pay station and online. These tips, including staffing rates will increase lifetime value and revenue.

Retain Members

It takes more than software to hit industry retention rates. Our tested campaigns and integrated research will help you reduce churn.

Let us help you
attract new customers get more sales grow your business !


Express and self-serve car washes are facing more competition in a crowding market. Whether you’re eyeing a new wash next door or scaling, we’re here to help you steady your customer pipeline without expense marketing firm costs.


Number of Months Average Membership Increases w/ Our Campaigns


Washes Have Tested and Grown With These Tactics


Whether you need help setting up your Rinsed messaging or monitoring your marketing campaigns, our role is to jump in, help you optimize, and let the results speak for themselves. We’re the perfect option for car washes with tight marketing budgets looking to decrease customer acquisition costs as we are a consulting agency. That means you only pay for the services you need. No high monthly fees, just drop-in marketing to make sure you’re getting the most out of your tools.


Our team has operated and marketed full service, express, and bay car washes throughout the United States, including both coasts. One recent location grew its customer base by 234% in three months by implementing advanced marketing tactics.

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